Dr. John Hupka, Ph.D

Welcome to the Website of Dr. John Hupka, PhD.

Dr. Hupka provides psychological evaluations and expert witness testimony in both criminal and civil Court cases, and has done so for over 25 years. Licensed as a Psychologist since 1992, and a Licensed Family Therapist since 1984, Dr. Hupka specializes in the interface between Psychology and the Law. He has provided forensic psychological services  with both prosecution and defense. He has qualified as an Expert Witness in Courts throughout California. His areas of specialization include brain injury, psychological assessment, personal injury / worker’s compensation, and sex offender risk assessment. In addition to his work with criminal and civil Court matters, Dr. Hupka brings to his forensic work a background in providing mental health treatment to patients in diverse settings – including in-patient hospital treatment, community outpatient treatment, substance abuse treatment, and private practice. He has worked as a Staff Psychologist in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation where he conducted psychological evaluations and treatment with inmates in the California Prison system, and he has previously worked as a psychologist at Kaiser Hospital outpatient psychiatry clinic providing individual and family therapy.

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