Sex Offender Evaluation & Expert Witness Testimony

Providing independent objective sex offender risk / needs assessment for both prosecution and defense.

Dr. Hupka provides sex offender evaluations, consultation with attorneys, and expert witness Court testimony in sex offender cases. He joined the California Department of Mental Health Sex Offender Evaluation Panel in 1996, and for 18 years evaluated over 800 sex offenders under California’s Sexual Predator law. He works with both prosecution and defense to provide independent objective assessment of issues of sexual deviance, reoffense risk, and treatment needs. He has qualified as an Expert Witness in over 100 sex offender Court cases throughout California, and also in the State of Washington.  Dr. Hupka utilizes statistically based actual risk instruments (e.g., Static 99R), dynamic risk factor assessment, and clinically based risk assessment factors in conducting sex offender risk assessment and treatment needs.